My name is Romesh “Rom” Prakashpalan. I am a Pastor in the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America (the flock I shepherd is the Dallas Reformed Presbyterian Church). In addition, I have been a Software Developer of twenty five years, having worked on Video Games, Simulations, as well as various Business Applications. I am especially blessed to be the husband to a wonderful lady and the father to four beautiful children.

This blog is a reflection of my thoughts on various topics that I find interesting. Some might think my interests of theology, computer science, and family might be considered somewhat eclectic. However, I have found that many people share a passion for one or more of these topics, and if so – I hope you enjoy this place on the internet! And if you currently do not find these interesting, maybe some time spent here might make you a fan of one or all of these!

-Rom (08/20/20)

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