My name is Romesh “Rom” Prakashpalan. I am a Pastor in the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America (the flock I shepherd is the Dallas Reformed Presbyterian Church). In addition, I have been a Software Developer of twenty five years, having worked on Video Games, Simulations, as well as various Business Applications. I am especially blessed to be the husband to a wonderful lady and the father to four beautiful children.

This blog is a reflection of my thoughts on various topics that I find interesting. Some might think my interests of theology, computer science, and family might be considered somewhat eclectic. However, I have found that many people share a passion for one or more of these topics, and if so – I hope you enjoy this place on the internet! And if you currently do not find these interesting, maybe some time spent here might make you a fan of one or all of these!

-Rom (08/20/20)

One thought on “About

  1. Elder of a Reformed Confessional Church I Oregon. I could not agree with you more. I am 70 and have bemoaning the emphasis on doctrine instead of our Moral/Ethic/Virtue-Values for over 20 years, usually to be simply discounted as a theonomist. The result is a gutless church without influence or impact and more like a pagan club than a solemn Temple of the Lord. I own one systematic and 12 books on Christian Ethics. Thanks for your timely piece.
    One pertinent question. We are small about 50 members. What in the way of applications should we be using and considering to expand our presence. We are pretty conservative and need to be aware of the environment which is NOT and becoming more aggressive against churches of our stance. Thanks In Christ.


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