Hello World!

printf( "Hello world!\n" );

It is a time honored tradition for programmers to emit “Hello World” as the output of their very first program. In today’s internet age, where one is indeed exclaiming, “Hello world!” whenever one posts something publicly – it seems fitting to start this blog out with such a post.

In Christ, Code and Kids – my hope is that the things which interest me, might also be of interest to you. I will be blogging about various topics: Theological, Programming, and Family primarily. This will overlap with my hobbies and interests. I hope what is posted will be edifying, and of some help to those who share my passions.

In the Bible, we are often taught to remember God’s Providences towards us, and in the ways by which He has shepherded us through this life – with all of its peaks and valleys (see: Psalm 23). I hope this blog will be of some small use here as well.

There is no content here yet, but in the upcoming weeks I hope to be more active.


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